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..."I wandered out into the backcountry for a half day with Jerry Ingham last Wednesday and caught some trout, small snook and lots of ladyfish! It was a beautiful day. With the cloudy water we were throwing Don's Jigs, yellow with a red head, tipped with fresh shrimp. The yellow always seems to be better than the white when fishing cloudy water.

Pompano has probably been Marco Island's, "Fish of the Week" with reports of great catches of these hard fighting delicious fish. Again, 1/4 jigs the bait of choice. The mangrove snapper fishing offshore continues to be productive as well as some good Grouper catches."
- Jim O'Keefe (3/01/2001 Marco Island Sun Times. Mr. O'Keefe is the owner of O'Keefe's Reef)

..."I prefer a 1/4 oz. jib with 8 lb. test for the mangroves, points and the beaches. Try the Green Glitter Tailed Glass Minnow for snook. We have a lot of little schools of shiners this time of year. If you work this untipped jib like a wounded little shiner, the snook can't resist it. I also like to tip my jigs with a piece of fresh shrimp, which leads to nice catches of mangrove snapper, redfish, trout, tarpon and sheepshead.

"Try Don's Pot Bellied Jig's.
There are a Southwest Florida tackle box must!

- Jim O'Keefe (9/13/2001 Marco Island Sun Times. Mr. O'Keefe is the owner of O'Keefe's Reef.)

Rain is bad for fishing, but good for fish
By Frank LaCava and Jerry Ingham

..."I also had reports of large permit being landed on the light tackle with Don's 3/8 oz. white pot belly jig, tipped with shrimp, casting it into a school of permit, with a medium to fast jerking retrieve.

...Back in March I had a yellow 3/8 oz. pot belly jig with a 12 pound test tied direct, no leader at 38 feet, fishing for snapper. After brining in several snapper, I picked up two black grouper at 28 inches and 32 inches on the jig."

-Frank LaCava and Jerry Ingham (6/27/2002 Marco Island Sun Times.)

...“Had a great charter today. We caught 3 large snook, pompano, mangrove snapper, and tons of sea trout, all on you’re jigs”

-Sean Schumitsch from Unreelsportfishing of Marco Island, Florida

...“Fishing was great, we got everything on the pot bellies, from gobs of trout, 2 over 20 in., sharks, blues, mackeral, 3 reds, one 25 in., pompano, and a big stingray.”

-Bruce Baier from Cissna Park, Illinois

...“I live way up in Baltimore, Maryland, and I am familiar with your glass minnow jigs from fishing in the Keys a number of years ago….Over the past ten years I have caught tarpon, permit, snook, spec. trout, bone fish, gray trout, striped bass, flounder, Spanish mackeral, king maker Al, cero mackeral, blue fish, jacks and many other types of fishing including various types of snappers and grouper on the 3/8 oz. green and white glass minnows. The white glass minnows are very good for gray trout and stripers where I live in Maryland.

The first time I used your glass minnows in Key West I was simple astounded by the different numbers and species of fish my wife and I caught. The most remarkable catch was a 19 pound permit on a ¼ oz. green glass minnow. My wife also caught an 88 pound tarpon on the 3/8 oz. version of your jig with 8 lb. test which was another remarkable catch on the same trip.

Some of the other fish we caught in the Keys were lookdowns, bar jacks, rock hinds, grouper, blue runners, caro mackeral, jacks, barracudas, black tip sharks, mutton snapper, yellow snapper, lane snapper, and gray snapper.

The first time I used them in Tampa Bay, I out fished a local guy (15 to 1) on spec trout with your jig verses the live shrimp he was using. I feel that was a pretty remarkable achievement. All of the fish were caught on a plain Don’s jig with no sweetners. I find they work best when they are worked freely so that you get the flash effect when you twitch them.
The retrieve is the key.

I use Don’s Jigs for both casting and vertical jigging. They are especially effective for me when I use a short staccto snap retrieve which makes them flash in the water like a glass minnow or silver side.

When vertical jigging I get them to the proper depth and use short vertical snaps with the rod tip. This is especially effective with braided line since there is very little stretch.On long casts the mono can absorb much of the twitch effect. On long casts I tend to quickly drop the rod tip and immediately snap it up quickly to compensate.”

-Jim Blair of Baltimore, Maryland

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